Rin’s Vtuber Self Intro

Rin’s Vtuber Self Intro
It is nice to meet you all, My name is Rin Reiter.
But please call me Rin. I am a furry streamer from twitch and been streaming since 2020

To my first day on the platform, I have done a Vtuber introduction Q/A for you to know me just alittle

I will be posting clips/streams once in awhile as I have been teaching myself
on how to use an Video editing software ( Still practicing )

————————-Vtuber self intro credits——————————-

YouTube Credits….
• Original: Umitsuki Shell [海月シェル Shell Ch.]
• VTuber Intro Japanese Logo: Umitsuki Shell [海月シェル Shell Ch.]
• Japanese Q&A Subs: Umitsuki Shell [海月シェル Shell Ch.]
• Shell Chan Link: https://youtu.be/V4L3YuhCUEY
• Instrumental/Composer: Otonari Mashita
• English VO: EileMonty [ https://twitter.com/EileMonty ]
• EileMonty Link: https://youtu.be/eKK7mSnXGZI
• VTuber Intro Eng Edit Logo: EileMonty
• Eng Q&A Subs: EileMonty
Japanese Logo: Shell Ch.
English Edit Logo: EileMonty
ORIGINAL: Umitsuki Shell [海月シェル Shell Ch.]
INSTRUMENTAL: Otonari Mashita
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